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This month’s Playlist is a little more random than usual, I guess. I’ve been in an album coma since Recess came out (reviewed here), and I haven’t really listened to much else!
Nevertheless, here’s some of the track that have actually had a bit of a look in this month.

1. Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones - I Got UThis might be one of my favourites of the year so far to be honest. The track just oozes summer vibes, which aren’t exactly what you want when it’s pouring rain outside, but it works. One I can’t help but dance and sing along to every time I hear it.

2. Chase And Status - Blk & Blu
I really love that this sort of melodic electronica is getting mainstream radio play. I actually nearly squeeled when I heard this for the first time on Radio 1 because I thought it was Cashmere Cat. A long way from Chase & Status’ beginnings in dubstep and drum & bass, but this song is absolutely stunning, perhaps my favourite one of theirs to date. (preview below)
3. Example - Kids Again
Another stretch from humble beginnings, Example takes on a much more mainstream dance approach in ‘Kids Again’, a long way from his pop/rap debut. Another track that really echoes the essence of summer to me, reminds you festival season is just around the corner!

4. Skream! - Bang That
This track’s a grower. A little out of the ordinary for Skream, but still so incredibly produced and put together. A total techno smash.

5. Klaxons - There Is No Other Time
There has always been a soft spot in my heart for Klaxons. Their last album was one I listened to on repeat for months on end, and this single is definitely a worthy comeback.

6. Tove Lo - Stay High (Habits Remix)
This track is one I’d heard countless times before realising what it was. The incredible vocals, and again with that added indie/electronica sound that’s gotten so popular as of late. I’m really digging this one right now.

7. Miguel - Do You… (Cashmere Cat Remix)
I went to see Cashmere play a show in Glasgow last week so he’s an artist I’ve found myself listening to a LOAD of as of late. This remix of Miguel’s ‘Do You’ is one of my favourites at the moment though.

8. Disclosure - You & Me (Flume Remix)
This track has been out for absolutely ages, but I’ve really gotten into Flume recently, and this is one of my favourite remixes by him. Plus, it’s featured on the new Lacoste advert in the UK, so that’s sort of rekindled my love for the track too.

9. Calvin Harris - Summer
It’s been a long time coming for some new Calvin Harris, and this track, as it says on the tin, is going to be HUGE this summer. Radio edit’s pretty sweet but check out the extended mix below. Incred.

10. Duck Sauce - NRG (Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Milo & Otis Remix)
Completing the summer theme, I couldn’t go anywhere without mentioning this GEM.
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Flosstradamus feat. Casino - Mosh Pit (Nick Thayer Remix)
Another free download for y’all today. This one from Aussie producer Nick Thayer.
Known for his incredible unique glitch-hop production style, Thayer has applied this format to Flosstradamus's trap anthem, 'Mosh Pit', adding this incredible new vibe to the track.
The remix continues to put Casino's vocals to the forefront, however instead of focussing on the original trap style melody, Thayer speeds up the track, and introduces this incredible glitchy, laser style drop instead.
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Cory Enemy - Go Deeper
LA based producer, Cory Enemy, took to SoundCloud this week to drop his latest single, and free download, ‘Go Deeper’.
The track incorporates a number of different styles and genres, all seamlessly moulded together in this incredible tune.
Check it out below!
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The 1975 - Settle Down (EMBRZ Remix)
You may not have heard of Irish producer, EMBRZ, but he already has a sound so defined, and a body of work so stunning, that you will be seeing a lot of him in future.
After the success of his incredible remix of Ellie Goulding's 'How Long Will I Love You,' and Dive In's 'Let Go', as well as some of his own stunning original productions. He has produced this official remix to The 1975’s ‘Settle Down’.
EMBRZ takes the original melody and vocals and moulds them into an incredible melodic and chilled out track. One the repeat button was designed for.
Bonus: it’s free. Listen and download below.
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Alex Metric & Oliver - Hope
British producer Alex Metric took to SoundCloud a few weeks back to drop this insane collaboration with duo Oliver.
Titled ‘Hope’, the track features this stunning singalong vocal sample, repeated throughout the entire track, and a disco inspired drop of epic proportions.
This track is one that has been circulating for a number of weeks now (namely since the Holy Ship recap video dropped), and it’s one I’ve not been able to stop humming since.
You can hear both artists differing sounds within the track. Alex Metric’s signature disco-house dancefloor elements, and Oliver’s smooth funk inspired melodies.
The track comes as a teaser for Alex Metric’s upcoming EP of the same name, out on OWSLA later this month.
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Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices (RAC Remix)
It’s been a few weeks now since 21-year-old producer Porter Robinson dropped the teaser track for his highly anticipated debut album, and since then the remixes have rolled in hard and fast.
This is one of the stand out remixes for me. RAC takes the gorgeous vocal sample and turns it into a full blown chorus echoing throughout the entire track.
The only thing that would have made the original mix even more kawaii is the 8-bit sounding melody flowing along behind it, something which RAC’s remix provides perfectly.
While the original mix was of more ‘epic’ proportions, RAC’s remix takes a more subtle and sombre approach to the track, and creates a truly beautiful remix.
Check it out below.
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Skrillex - Recess
It’s been two weeks since dubstep king Skrillex leaked the initial streams of his debut album, and a week since this little beauty dropped for sale all over the world. Now I’ve finally settled down, and got my head around it, here’s what I thought.
First off, I 100% applaud his choice to release the first streams through his app. Absolutely genius decision. Get people all hyped up about a Skrillex game, oh look what’s that, a countdown!? Holy shit. I really loved the few days before the countdown ended where everyone was speculating over what it could be. Way to hype up the crowd, dude.
As for the actual music, we were all expecting big things for this release, from other artists hinting at “next level shit,” to quote 12th planet, and the live rips all over YouTube etc. but this was completely out of this world.
Not ONE track sounds like the one before it. ‘All Is Fair In Love and Brostep’, features UK jungle duo the Ragga Twins, and opens up the album on familiar territory for Skrillex fans with a massive dubstep build up, and a mammoth drop.
Then comes ‘Recess’ with Fatman Scoop and Kill The Noise. Structurally, the track really reminded me of What So Not’s ‘Jaguar,’ with the singalong vocals in the build up, and a massive bass-heavy drop to follow. And that contrast between the two. Killer track.
'Stranger,' was released to stream a few days prior, from the Pitchfork stream of the soundtrack to upcoming movie Divergent. This was another really stunning track, the vocals especially, really gave it an R&B vibe, then obviously Skrillex completely smashes it to bits with that drop.
'Try It Out' was one I didn't expect to be on there, as the EP for that came out a few months ago. Again, back on familiar territory for Skrillex.
Then, the stand out track of the album, ‘Coast is Clear’ with Chance The Rapper and The Social Experiment. This track completely caught me off guard. A Skrillex album is the last place you’d expect a really mellow pop/R&B track with what sounded like a little essence of Daft Punk at the end. Probably the most radio station friendly of the album.
Next track, and the complete other end of the spectrum, ‘Dirty Vibe.’ As soon as you hear this, you can tell Diplo is involved. With that incredible bass-heavy melody, the rapping of GDragon & CL over the top. Absolutely spot on for a bassy club smash.
'Ragga Bomb,' echoes similar vibes to Skrillex's collaboration with Damian Marley, obviously not in the sense that it sounds anything like it, just in particular the Ragga Twins exceptional vocals. That whole style really suits this type of music.
'Doompy Poomp' was a nice little surprise. Skrillex goes back to his Aphex Twin roots with this one. A stunning, glitchy little number.
'Fuck That' sounded like a cross between Jack Beats, Dog Blood, and Disclosure all rolled into one. Some elements of deep house, bass, electro. Wow. This one is a personal favourite of mine.
I’m not going to lie, when I heard ‘Ease My Mind’ I thought it was a Zedd track. Until the drop. You wouldn’t expect Skrillex to make a track like that at all. But it was insane nonetheless.
Finally, my absolute favourite of the lot, ‘Fire Away.’ This is definitely the ‘With You, Friends’ of the album. The track is absolutely insanely produced, really detailed stuff, and it’s also nice to hear Sonny singing again.
Recess is out now on OWSLA/Big Beat/Atlantic. The Skrillex album for people who aren’t necessarily Skrillex fans. Definitely worth a listen.
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Duck Sauce - NRG (Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Milo & Otis Remix)
If you’re digging the sudden warm weather we’ve been getting over here, this track is one that’ll really make you feel like summer is right around the corner.
Skrillex dropped this track on his SoundCloud yesterday (as if dropping his debut album from nowhere wasn’t enough, you’re spoiling us!). Teaming up with pals Kill The Noise and Milo & Otis, the three artists have remixed NRG. A track from A-Trak & Armand Van Helden’s upcoming LP as Duck Sauce, ‘Quack’.
The remix takes the funk and disco inspired undertones of Duck Sauce’s original style, and gives a real ‘dance tent’ vibe with the drop. Skril even gives us a bonus treat of adding some of his own vocals over the top of the original.
This is one I can see being thrown out at all the festivals this summer.
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RL Grime & What So Not - Tell Me
This is one of my absolute favourite tracks at the moment.
What So Not have been absolutely on top of their game recently, with their last track ‘Jaguar’ still featuring heavily in my daily music intake.
Teaming up with RL Grime on this one, the three of them continue that same format from Jaguar, with the singalong ‘verse’ style part, followed by a massive bassy drop.
This one’s free n’all so grab it while you can! (HERE)
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Jack Beats - Beatbox (Official Video)
Earlier this month Jack Beats announced their newest upcoming release, “Beatbox”. Out March 17th, the duo recently dropped a little video as a teaser to the new single and EP.
Brilliantly done, the video features a lot of famous faces lip syncing to the beatboxing portion of the track. Featuring Skrillex, Zane Lowe, Skream, Benga, Diplo, A-Trak, Annie Mac, and many many more. The video is guaranteed to make you want to hang out with the Jack Beats lads.
Check it out below!
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Dog Blood - Middle Finger Part 2 (The Remixes)
The Dog Blood lads really caught us all off guard this month when the long awaited remix EP of Middle Finger Part 2 dropped out of absolutely nowhere.
Featuring incredible remixes from the likes of Dj Sliink, and Alesia, this 6 track EP is a truly diverse one. Calling on influences from all areas of electronica, the remixers really provide their own interesting takes on the boys’ TERROR music.
There are very few words to coherently describe it, seriously, just give it a listen.

Buy Middle Finger Part 2 on Beatport
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I’m a bit late off the mark with this month’s playlist seeing as it’s March 14th today, but nevertheless, here it is in all its glory.

1. Dive In - Let Go (EMBRZ Remix)
Someone on my Facebook shared this track with me this month, and it’s one I’ve not been able to stop listening to since. Admittedly, I haven’t heard the original, but the mellow piano melody, and the gorgeous vocals in this remix, just makes me want to lie down in the sun and watch the world go by.

2. London Grammar - Hey Now (Arty Edit)
This track is one that has been played endlessly on the radio this month, but it is so good, I genuinely don’t have an issue with that. In my opinion, trace can either be really really good, or disastrous, and Arty has absolutely killed it with this remix. The typical synth trance sounds work incredibly well with the original vocals, and the ‘drop’ at the end is just amazing.

3. Skrillex - Because
It would be difficult to talk about music this month without mentioning Skrillex. As I’m doing this late, I will try to keep ‘Recess’ out of it, but this one can’t go by unnoticed. Ellie Goulding did a mix for Annie Mac Presents on Valentine’s Day this year, and this was her final track. A Skrillex original, using samples from Ellie’s Figure 8, and Hanging On. A far stretch from what we would recognise as a typical ‘Skrillex’ track. Absolutely stunning.

4. Le Youth - C O O L
Another one that’s been played endlessly this month. I’m an absolute sucker for mashed up or distorted vocals, and this track hits the nail on the head for me.

5. The Chainsmokers - #SELFIE
Kind of an unconventional one for my music tastes, this track has gained a bit of ridicule online, really splitting people in the dance music community. I love it. It’s a really good commentary on our own social behaviour, and set to a really ironic sounding big room chart backdrop.

6. A$AP ROCKY feat. Gesaffelstein - In Distress
I’ve been listening a lot to the Divergent previews this month. The soundtrack is absolutely killer, and this was one of my favourites. A$AP Rocky, perhaps my favourite rapper, teaming up with Gesaffelstein, and amazingly talented producer, to create this incredible track.

7. Skrillex - Stranger
Okay, so I may have lied when I said I wasn’t going to talk about Recess. But technically, this one was out BEFORE the album. Another one from the Divergent soundtrack.

8. Chromeo - Jealous (I Ain’t With It)
I just love this one. Incredible pop and dance influences. Not much more I can say. It’s a real feel good summer singalong anthem.